Flares & Sunbursts III
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This wonderful third installment of our Flares & Sunbursts sets includes 30 new, unique sunflare and haze overlays. This wonderful set includes 16 haze overlays, 10 sunflare overlays and 4 sunburst overlays. This set is designed to be even more subtle and allow you more control as you add flare to your photos. Even better, the haze overlays can be stacked on top of each other to create even more unique flare looks. Each overlay in this set is completely unique and was created from actual lens flare, so the results are realistic and seamless. Please note that there is no overlap between this set and our previous sunflare sets; each overlay is original to this set. Even better, this set uses our Texture Palette, which allows you to see and choose the sunflare you would like to apply. The Palette will then open your chosen sunflare and integrate it into your photo in just seconds. Each action loads changes in layers allowing you to easily adjust the look of your photo. Click on the video link to the right below to see this product in action.


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