Vital Workflow Color PSE
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Please note: Adobe has removed important functionality from Photoshop Elements 14. These actions no longer function in PSE 14 or newer. Our Vital Workflow Color set is one of the best tools in the industry for quickly editing images for clients. With a few simple clicks, you can boost color, enhance contrast, correct image problems and create beautiful toned looks, all while retaining natural skin tones. The set includes straight color editing actions, toned and vintage looks, as well as photo fix tools, like skin smoothing and eye pop. Basically, the set includes everything you need to create gorgeous color images for clients.

The Vital Workflow Color set is compatible with Photoshop CS5 and newer as well as Photoshop Elements 11 to 13. Best of all, this set includes our amazing Previewer Palette. The Previewer opens up a window, allowing you to see what the actions in the set look like before running an action. You can run one action at a time or stack actions in the Previewer and then run them all at once. Even better, if you find yourself running the same string of actions over and over, you can save the actions as a custom recipe in the Previewer, creating your own personal looks from this set.

We really can't say enough good about this set. This is THE set of actions that we personally use to edit all our client photographs—the one set that gets used on every single image that passes through our studio. The actions work 100% non-destructively, loading all changes in multiple layers/folders allowing you to easily adjust color saturation, contrast, toned color etc. after the action has run, delivering perfect results every time.


  • Includes 30 actions. Click through the images to the right to see the Previewer Palette and all the actions included in this set.
  • Click here to see the license agreement for this product.
  • Includes a video tutorial.
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac.
  • Fully compatible with Photoshop CS5 and newer (more info), though the actions themselves will run ¬†on CS2 and newer. The Previewer Palette will only work in CS5 and newer.
  • Fully compatible with Photoshop Elements 11 to 13 (including Previewer Palette).
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