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Ready to learn how to harness light and turn just about any situation into an amazing image? Off Camera Lighting is an in-depth discussion of off-camera, on-location lighting. This workshop is so much more than just a standard discussion of how to set up a light, meter and fire it. The Off Camera Lighting workshop includes discussions on how to recreate the look of natural light in any lighting situation, as well as how to use OCF in family and wedding photography. The workshop delves deep in how to set up, meter and modulate light, allowing you to create spectacular images at any time of day and in any lighting conditions. Particularly, this workshop covers in-depth how to troubleshoot difficult lighting situations.

Formerly known as our Lighting Workshop (and Lighting Workshop in a Box), we have added to the workshop materials and repackaged this workshop in a digital form. Having already helped hundreds learn how to use a flash off-camera, this workshop has been field-tested and revised over a period of several years, making it one of the best learning resources in the industry.

In particular, Off Camera Lighting covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the properties of light,
  • Setting up and using off-camera lights,
  • Getting amazing images even in the harshest, brightest light,
  • Shooting outside on location,
  • Shooting inside on location,
  • Recreating the look of natural light with off-camera lighting,
  • Using lights on location with families,
  • Using lights on location with weddings,
  • Using light modifiers to modulate light,
  • Creative lighting tricks, and
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom techniques and tricks as pertains to off-camera lighting photos.

This workshop focuses on both wedding and family photography, showing you ways to incorporate lighting into most shooting situations.

Off Camera Lighting assumes that you have a decent understanding of shooting manually (or on M), as that is required for learning off camera flash. Additionally, the workshop includes a list with links of inexpensive lighting gear recommendations.

The Off Camera Lighting workshop is extensive and includes substantial information:

  • The Off Camera Lighting workshop manual: This is a 250-page 8.5x11 manual that covers all topics pertaining to using flash off-camera, on-location. The book discusses ONLY off-camera, on-location lighting, discussing topics such as how and when to use off-camera flash, using different modifiers to modulate your light, harnessing flash power, creative uses of flash, etc. This book is an actual textbook (not just a copy of powerpoint slides) and includes hundreds of full color images and illustrations, as well as review questions and exercises that you can do to practice principles in each chapter. Because some basic flash information is universal, there is some overlap between material with our Mastering On-Camera Flash workshop (around 10 pages), though the information in this workshop is significantly more detailed. You can see a Table of Contents and images from the book in the image gallery above.
  • On-Location Video Tutorials and Demonstrations: Off Camera Lighting contains over 2 hours of on-location tutorials and demonstrations. This is NOT just a video of me lecturing a class, but instead is on-location instruction showing how I implement and use the principles I discuss in the Off Camera Lighting manual pdf. Come along as I shoot a bride, two engaged couples and a young family, explaining all along my thought processes and how I set-up and work each shot. Also, watch my detailed explanations of how to set-up, meter and shoot using off-camera lighting. Please note that though the videos are extensive, they are not meant to replace the information contained in the manual. Instead, they supplement the manual material and will help solidify your lighting skills.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom editing video tutorials: Off Camera Lighting contains another 2 hours of digital editing tutorials, showing you how to quickly and effectively turn your off-camera flash photos into masterpieces. The videos cover topics such as quick and effective ways to manually merge different RAW exposures, incorporating Lightroom into your workflow, quick RAW proofing and correcting problems unique to off-camera flash photos. Additionally, the video tutorials address workflow issues and problems, such as seamless head swapping and using the liquify tool.

Please Note: The files for the workshop are large and extensive. The download is 1.3 GB and is consequently broken into multiple downloads. If you have any concerns about your internet connection, please add the shipped CD to your order for only $10.


  • Includes a 250-page detailed PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions
  • Over 4 hours of supplemental workshop videos demonstrating workshop topics and photo editing in mpeg 4 format
  • Printable Troubleshooting and Lighting Practice cards
  • Use USB to transfer PDF and videos to tablets and mobile devices
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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