Beautiful Skin Tones & Accurate Color
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Searching for a way to achieve beautiful color with every image? Do you long for a more complete understanding of perfect skin tones and the best ways to achieve them as you edit? Beautiful Skin Tones & Accurate Color will deepen your understanding of correct white balance, editing for color in RAW (ACR and Lightroom) and Photoshop (full version and Elements), managing color workflow and calibrating your monitor. Most helpfully, this workshop has been designed for working photographers and provides practical solutions that are simple to implement.

Specifically, this workshop has sections on the differences between RGB and CMYK color, understanding and identifying types of color casts, the impact of exposure on white balance, camera gear and color problems, white balance in RAW and target Kelvin numbers, using a gray card, multiple ways to adjust color in Photoshop, using CMYK ratios, target skin tone ratios for various ethnic backgrounds, tricks for editing and manipulating problem images, using smart objects and RAW to manage color while editing, dealing with color gamut issues, managing color workflow, outputting photos for print and the web, and monitor calibration. The workshop also provides a short discussion of using layer masks in Photoshop. This workshop contains specific video tutorials showing white-balancing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW (ACR), Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

Beautiful Skin Tones & Accurate Color is a beginner- to intermediate-level workshop that does assume some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW (ACR), Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. The information in the workshop can be practiced without an in-depth understanding of manual camera metering, etc.

This workshop contains a PDF manual with detailed discussion, images and diagrams. The manual also includes review questions and practice suggestions. There are also 9 videos with over two hours of instruction which visually illustrate topics discussed in the manual. If you would like higher resolution video and a hard copy back-up of your purchase, please purchase the Shipped CD option at checkout. The digital files will still be available for immediate download, but we will also mail a DVD to you with the PDF manual and video files that can be viewed on a DVD player.


  • Includes a 43-page detailed  PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions
  • Nine videos (almost 3 hours) demonstrating workshop topics in mpeg 4 format
  • Use USB to transfer PDF and videos to tablets and mobile devices
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Please Note: The digital download of this workshop is very large (over 250 MB) due to almost 3 hours of high-quality video.
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