Perfecting Composition
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Want to dramatically improve the artistry of your images? Do you feel like your images are flat and humdrum? Do you ever struggle wondering where to place someone in a photo? If so, Perfecting Composition will walk you through understanding traditional compositional theories and show you how to manage color, key and tone in your photos. This manual is so much more than just a general discussion of composition. Instead it offers an in-depth discussion of traditional compositional theories and how they pertain to modern photography, as well as my own interpretation of them. Most importantly, this workshop provides lots of concrete ideas, rules and suggestions for improving image impact. From beginner to advanced, photographers will find helpful information that will consistently create compelling, wonderful photos. I've often stated that if all photographers followed the information in this one workshop, photos would vastly improve.

Perfecting Composition is a beginner level workshop that applies to anyone who has a camera and a desire to improve their understanding of composition. Everything in the manual can be practiced and shot without any in-depth understanding of manual metering, etc.

This workshop contains a PDF manual with detailed discussion, images and diagrams. The manual also includes review questions, and exercise and practice suggestions. There are also 2 videos which visually illustrate topics discussed in the manual. Please note that for digital download purposes, the file size of the video is lower resolution and smaller. If you would like higher resolution video and a hard copy back-up of your purchase, please purchase the Shipped CD option at checkout. The digital files will still be available for immediate download, but we will also mail a DVD to you too with the larger video files.


  • Includes a 47-page detailed  PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions
  • Two videos demonstrating workshop topics in mpeg 4 format
  • Use USB to transfer  PDF and videos to tablets and mobile devices
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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