Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images
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Tired of fighting slightly out-of-focus photos? Do you dream of images with perfect creamy skin and little color noise? Would you like to achieve beautiful exposures every time you press your shutter? If so, this wonderful workshop is for you. Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images covers topics that will deepen your understanding of aperture, exposure, file formats and focus.  Specifically, this workshop has sections on RAW versus jpeg files, shutter speed and ISO, an in-depth discussion of aperture and depth of field, how to get amazing blur or bokeh, understanding and using histograms, and ways to ensure sharp images and troubleshoot focus issues. Most importantly when taken all together, this workshop thoroughly discusses ways to manipulate the digital format of DSLR cameras to ensure amazing image quality right out of camera. Because of this, the information and shooting tips in this workshop will lessen editing time, particularly for problematic skin, due to significantly improved file quality.

Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images is a beginner to intermediate level workshop and assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to manually meter your camera. This workshop will deepen your understanding of how aperture, shutter speed and ISO interact, ensuring correct depth of field and sharp images. Also if you are new to digital SLRs, this workshop provides valuable information about how to manipulate the computers of digital cameras to retain optimal image quality out of camera.

This workshop contains a PDF manual with detailed discussion, images and diagrams. The manual also includes review questions, exercises and practice suggestions. There are also 2 videos which visually illustrate topics discussed in the manual. Please note that for digital download purposes, the file size of the video is compressed, lower resolution and smaller. If you would like higher resolution video and a hard copy back-up of your purchase, please purchase the Shipped CD option at checkout. The digital files will still be available for immediate download, but we will also mail a DVD to you too with the larger video files.


  • Includes a 47-page detailed  PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions
  • Two videos demonstrating workshop topics in mpeg 4 format
  • Use USB to transfer  PDF and videos to tablets and mobile devices
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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