Mastering On-Camera Flash
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Scared of your on-camera flash? Tired of being forced to use your flash, only to find yourself dissatisfied with the results? Want to actually love your speedlight instead of dreading it? Though light from an on-camera flash can look hard, unflattering and, well, flashy, when done well it can look beautiful, soft and natural. If done right, most people would not even realize that a flash had been used. Though it’s not really a “sexy” camera skill like the more impressive off-camera flash, knowing how to effectively use your flash on-camera is the one thing that can turn a disastrous shooting situation into something beautiful. Consequently, this workshop starts at the basics and walks you through everything you will need to know to get amazing results from your on-camera flash in any kind of situation. Even better, all the information in this workshop relies on a simple bare-bulb speedlight and in-camera skill to get good results. There is no need to purchase fancy diffusers and gadgets when using a flash on-camera.

Mastering On-Camera Flash requires a moderate level of skill. The workshop assumes that you have a basic understanding of manual metering which is necessary in order to master working with flash. Also, a couple of notes about this workshop: This workshop discusses working with an external speedlight, not an on-board flash, though all of the general principles discussed will apply to any form of flash photography. It also assumes that you can manually adjust flash power output, flash zoom, and flash head angle. However, I am well aware that not all speedlights on the market allow for such adjustments. Consult the owner’s manuals for both your camera and speedlight to determine what adjustment options you have.

This workshop contains a PDF manual with detailed discussion, images and diagrams. The manual also includes review questions, exercises and practice suggestions. There are also 3 videos which visually illustrate topics discussed in the manual. Please note that for digital download purposes, the file size of the video is compressed, lower resolution and smaller. If you would like higher resolution video and a hard copy back-up of your purchase, please purchase the Shipped CD option at checkout. The digital files will still be available for immediate download, but we will also mail a DVD to you too with the larger video files.


  • Includes a 88-page detailed PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions
  • Three videos demonstrating workshop topics in mpeg 4 format
  • Use USB to transfer PDF and videos to tablets and mobile devices
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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